Who we are? 

We at Embryology Academy of India educate  our students with utmost care and dedication. Our students are educated at one of the world's most advancely equipped IVF labs. They get to attend many number of cases by the time they complete their course. The time they finish the course they will be fully quipped with management and practical skills. Embryology Academy of India has one of the most knowledgable and trainined faculties. 

Certificate Courses

Clinical Embryology (3 modules - Andrology, Vitrification, ICSI) 

Duration: 1 Month - Fees: Rs.1,00,000 - Dates: 1st of every month Apply now

Module 1: Andrology Course (IUI, Semen preparation & freezing) 

Duration: 1 Week - Fees: Rs.15,000 - Dates: Starts on every monday Apply now

Module 2: Vitrification, Thawing & Transfer Course 

Duration: 1 Week - Fees: Rs.50,000 - Dates: 2nd week of the month Apply now

Module 3: ICSI & Trouble shooting, QC, QA 

Duration: 1 Week - Fees: Rs.75,000 - Dates: 3rd or 4th week of the month Apply now

Embryo Biopsy & PGD 

Duration: 1 day - Fees: Rs.75,000 - Date: By appointment Apply now

Diploma Courses 

Become an expert clinical embryologist with 1 year complete hands on course

Fees: 2 Lakhs

Venue: 1 month at Adyar (Chennai) and remaining 11 months at the location of your choice

2 Weeks Hands on IVF Course

Excellent course for those interested in Embryology and IVF.


Dr. S. Chandralekha
Dr. V. Arun Muthuvel
Dr. Sudhakar Cholan
Mrs Srilakshmi
Mr Manikkam
Dr Haritha